Soft to the touch.
Easy on the eyes.
Better for people.

Natural Taste

Soft to the touch. Easy on the eyes. Better for people.

You can’t ignore the aesthetic beauty of Interface carpet tiles. Add a level of sophistication to the look of your office environment that hard flooring simply cannot compete with. By creating attractive, more natural looking spaces you’ll keep people happier and motivated to work. And should you decide to update the look of a single room or area, naturally Interface’s modular carpet tiles provide greater flexibility, are more adaptable to your future needs and are simply easier to reconfigure.

A natural step up in performance.

Interface’s integrated system of squares and planks creates the perfect palette to design beauty into any interior space. When combined with biophilic design principles the impact is not just pleasing on the eye it can be transformational for your business. The productivity, engagement and wellbeing of people utilizing biophilic spaces has been proven to be higher than their counterparts in less human centric ones. Read the full report at

In competitive labour markets where you need to attract and retain the best talent, the space you design and the physiological impact it has on the people that work there cannot be ignored. The floor you choose is an important consideration. The biomimetic attributes designed into key ranges within the Interface system enable you to combine soft Interface carpet tiles with natural elements, such as greenery or sunlight, to help stimulate creativity and increase employees sense of well being by 15%.

  • A natural step up in performance.
  • A natural step up in performance.
  • A natural step up in performance.
Did you know?

Refreshing and soothing, vibrant and calm, colours from the natural world create an invigorating backdrop, and research shows that incorporating nature’s visual palette in the design can have an uplifting effect on employees. Blue, green and white fuels motivation. Blue, green, white and yellow increases productivity and yellow, green and white nurtures creativity.
Read the full report at

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